Ex-NASA Engineer Built a 'Ninja Warrior' Course to Stop Nut-Stealing Squirrels

Ex-NASA Engineer Built a 'Ninja Warrior' Course to Stop Nut-Stealing Squirrels

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If there is an unspoken rule of the nature that no one should ever try to cross, it is that no mortal human ever should try to mess with squirrels. Those pesky little creatures that are known for their aerial acrobatics, devious nature, and never-ending quest to rob bird feeders blind for seeds are almost impossible to deal with.

Former NASA and Apple engineer Mark Rober learned his lesson the hard way.


Nut-stealing squirrels scared away the birds

Engineer turned YouTuber, Mark Rober had dealt with robbers of the human-kind by glitter bombing the porch pirates away. However, amid the lockdown, Rober was up against squirrels after attempting to take up bird watching as a way to help pass the time.

Birds were nowhere to be seen since a local group of squirrels was "dominating all the of the shell 'squirrel proof' bird feeders" he found on Amazon and eating the tasty seeds.

In order to save his bird feeder that has quickly become a target for the squirrel population, he found a rather obvious solution and created an insanely elaborate Ninja Warrior-esque obstacle course like a true engineer.

Engineering a 'Mouse Trap' for squirrels

Rober built an entire American Ninja Warrior-inspired obstacle course in his backyard for the nut-stealing thieves and boy, it was full of obstacles indeed.

Including everything from trap doors, rope bridges, mazes, and catapults to impossible ladder bridge challenge he built years ago, he designed a fully equipped maze for them. However, do you think it was enough to stop the wily squirrels? Well, of course not.

Bewitched by the massive pile of walnuts that were waiting for them, squirrels made some impressive attempts to try and cross the obstacles. It took them way less time for them to adapt and come up with strategies with their natural talents that are perfect for climbing over everything.

Oil them up

At first, Rober thought his obstacle course was way too hard for the squirrels. However, after some trial and error, it became obvious that the ex-NASA engineer was no match for the wily squirrel.

The only way he could stop the squirrels was when he made the pole too slippery to climb up. He says, "That's how I kept them from climbing up every other pole on the course except the starting one."

So, if you are down to have to grease up a pole as your daily routine, you might stand a chance against squirrels. However, other than that, squirrels are the unstoppable ninjas of the animal kingdom.

(And possibly, they are plotting to overthrow the government.)

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